What is Reverse Email Lookup?

Reverse email lookup is a process of finding the personal information of people with the help of their email addresses. It finds out the identity behind any unknown email in your inbox. The email search lookup will reveal their identity and inform you about all the possible details about them.

It is not good for you to keep ignoring unknown emails, especially if they contain threats or scams. It is best to find out who owns that precise email address. reverse email lookups have a huge database that contains records of people, including their original names, residential addresses, social media accounts, and criminal records.

Reverse email lookup services are also helpful in identifying fake telemarketers of business companies and keeping you safe from phishing emails. In short, this process will save you from searching manually on public records, which surely is a difficult task.

What is Reverse Email Lookup?

Why Use Reverse Email Lookup Tools?

Marketing Purpose

It's important for sales teams and marketers to check the authenticity of their collected mails so their newsletters don't bounce.

Carry Background Checks

Before hiring a tenant or having a business deal, professionals use email address lookups to get more information about their target.

Analyze the Risk

Both small and large businesses can utilize an email search to prevent themselves from risks, frauds, and cybercrimes.

Confirm the Unknown Emails

Using reverse email lookup on unknown emails will inform you about their authentic identity.

Avoid Cyber Criminals

If you are receiving spam messages and threats from unknown emails, an email lookup will help you escape the situation.

How Does Reverse Email Lookup Work?

Reverse email lookups are helpful when you want to know the identity of an unknown person. It will inform you who is behind the particular email and what is the purpose behind his email. Sometimes, it's as simple as a Google search where you have to enter the email address of the target person, and results show their associated information.

An email search would depict the detailed report, including the target's name, social media accounts, and location. You can also use web browser extensions and API calls for an advanced lookup. Moreover, you can also upload lists of emails through an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file.

6 Key PointsWhen Choosing a Reverse Email Lookup Tool

How Much Will I Use the Email Lookup Tool?

Analyzing the frequency of email lookup usage will help you determine the right pricing model for yourself.

What is My Aim Behind Choosing the Lookup Tool?

Do you need more data about your customers and prospects? Learn about what your actual goal is.

How Detailed Results Do I Need?

If you are in a risk management domain, you will need a detailed report. Analyze the reports provided by the tools to decide which fulfills your requirements.

Does the Tool Fulfill Legal Data Protection Requirements?

If you take data from the wrong tool, your company's reputation will be at risk, and it will have consequences. Only use the tool which is linked to Government databases.

How Quickly Does It Provide Results?

Some people need instant reports; however, some tools take days to provide results. Decide the tool based on the delivery time you want.

Do You Need More Information?

Now, evaluating whether you need a detailed search result with a reverse phone lookup or a reverse email search is enough.

How to Conduct a Reverse Email Lookup on FastPeopleFinder?

FastPeopleFinder is a secure choice for everyone who wants to get an extensive report of people with their emails. You are required to follow the given steps for receiving an email report with FastPeopleFinder:

  • Step 1: Access the Email Lookup Tool

    The first step demands you to head over to the homepage of FastPeopleFinder. Now, you need to tap the "Email Lookup" option to operate the service directly.

  • Step 2: Give the Email Address

    Provide the email address of the target person and press the "Start Search" button. It will consume a few moments to reveal the search results.

  • Step 3: Obtain the Significant Information

    Press on the target person's profile from the results. His information, including name, address, age, and social accounts, will be shown.

What Is Email Lookup?

Email lookup refers to a tool or a technique that helps in identifying someone’s email address with the help of their personal information. That information could be the person’s name, residential address, or phone number.

If you have received a business proposal or job offer through a phone number, and you want to gain their email address, an email lookup would help you. You will have to type in their phone number or name, and the lookup service will provide you with their email address.

What Data Can I Get From an Email Search?

  • Authentication of the Email

    With an SMTP check, it is first analyzed whether the email address is real or fake.

  • Domain Type of Email and Quality Check

    You can know about the quality of the email domain and check the address’s age. If it’s recently created, the email can be suspicious.

  • Social Media Lookup

    You can check if the target email has ever been used to sign up for any social media platform.

  • Avoid Cyber Criminals

    You can find the address on data breaches to know the age of that email address and how much it has been used.

  • Check on Email Blacklist

    One can also look at the email address on public spam blacklists to check if it is a malicious address.

  • Quality Evaluation of the Email Address

    You can check if the email address was created by an actual user or a bot for fraudulent reasons.

  • Check Email Address on Data Breaches

    If you are starting a business with someone, access his background information and past association with the business industry. With this effective email lookup, you can know more about the individual and verify their identity before business.

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Why FastPeopleFinder is the Best Email Lookup Tool?

  • Risk Manager

    FastPeopleFinder is a winner when it comes to managing risks with speed, efficiency, and frictionless integration.

  • Fast Search

    The email search tool goes through plenty of database records to find the results within a few minutes.

  • Consistent Tool

    You can rely on FastPeopleFinder as it does not save the user's password, nor does it expose the identity.

  • Finest for Marketers

    FastPeopleFinder is a great way to authenticate contacts and customers and also helps in finding leads.

  • Best Customer Service

    The Customer Support of FastPeopleFinder is responsive and responds to all the queries and doubts of people.

  • Works for Human Resources

    This tool does its job seamlessly without being spammy. You can get the email search results without wasting your time.


Is it Safe to Use Email Lookups?

Email address search lookups are far from reliable, and they will not provide instant satisfaction and great results like a reverse phone lookup. However, there is little information that you can achieve.

Will My target Know about My Search?

No, the explained pattern will not notify the target person about your search on them. However, you should be mindful while visiting their LinkedIn profile, as it notifies the user.

How is the Information Collected?

Data is collected from open-source databases. Moreover, FastPeopleFinder aggregates IP, social media information, and devices.

Is it Legal to Use the Email lookup Tools?

For FastPeopleFinder, all the information is GDPR-compliant, which ensures legality and compliance with all the mandatory regulators.

What Information Does the Email’s Domain Type Provide?

The domain can reveal more than the provided data. Disposable domains are considered at a higher risk, as they are throwaway email addresses. Moreover, the custom domains need an inspection, as a scammer can utilize this technique to get whitelisted.

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