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If you feel the information FastPeopleFinder provides about you is misleading or false, you can request for it to be removed by filling out this form. This will make sure your details do not appear in the background search results. You can accomplish this successfully by verifying your identity before deleting your available records in FastPeopleFinder records.

After Establishing your identity, the FastPeopleFinder team is going to search records that match your data. The records will be put together with other records that the platform ensures do not appear on its search report. This is how we ensure the information you do not want to be available on the FastPeopleFinder search is removed.

After removing your details, you will receive a confirmation email and the platform will do everything to ensure your information does not appear on its search results. If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Here are the answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about this feature:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Must I be a member of FastPeopleFinder to remove information from its search results?

No. FastPeopleFinder allows anyone to request the removal of their public information available on its platform. It does not matter if you have an account with us or not.

What will it cost me to ask for the removal of my information from FastPeopleFinder’s search results?

Absolutely nothing. It is free to ask to have your information removed from the FastPeopleFinder database.

How do I remove multiple reports from FastPeopleFinder?

It is easy. If you have multiple reports on the FastPeopleFinder platform, you can easily remove them by sending separate removal requests for each report.

How long will it take to remove my information from FastPeopleFinder?

Often it takes a day. However, we advocate you follow up to establish we have removed your information. You will receive a confirmation email from us. The email acknowledges your request and schedules the removal of your information from our database during the next update.

If you still find your information is available on our platform, get in touch with our customer support.

Is it possible to verify the removal of my records?

Yes. You only need to search for your records in your search engine to see if you will get any search results. Before, doing this, ensure you clear the browser history or cache of your device to ensure the device does not recall cached details.

Usually, it takes 24 hours to remove your information from our database after you receive a confirmation. To do this, ensure you verify your identity to make sure your details are removed from our database.

If you have done all these things and your records still appear in search results, please get in touch with our customer support. Our customer service staff will take you through the process.

Can my information reappear after its removal?

Because the FastPeopleFinder database receives regular updates from multiple public sources, sometimes your information comes back. However, it differs in most cases depending on what information you requested to be removed from our records. The differences could be initials, addresses, and spelling.

Since conclusively deleting every new data is impossible, you will have to repeat the process of removing the new data from our database.

Can I endorse the removal of another person’s records from the FastPeopleFinder database?

No this is not possible. FastPeopleFinder only allows you to request the removal of your records from our database after verifying your identity. You can not do this for another person, even if they are your friend or family member.

This is a safeguard that helps us prevent fraud and preserve the integrity of our database.

What will be visible after the removal of my records?

If you decide to remove all the data from our database, then a search on our platform will not yield any report. Please note that at FastPeopleFinder we only remove public records from being accessible on our website. The platform does not create records, rather it turns them into a report.

So, the records we remove from our database will be visible on other websites. Also, your name will continue to appear as an associate or a relative in other people’s reports. Our platform does not remove the location data of a sex offender.

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