FastPeopleFinder Do’s and Dont’s

FastPeopleFinder is a useful platform for obtaining publicly available details about a person. The platform lets you access a person’s criminal records, contacts, residence, or academic achievements online. However, we have placed restrictions on how you can use the information you get from FastPeopleFinder.

These restrictions are set out in the Fair Credit and Reporting Act (FCRA). This federal act prohibits anyone from seeking information with the intention of stalking, harassing, or employee screening among others. Also, the act does not condone identity theft.

To ensure FastPeopleFinder complies with the FCRA, it has set in place the Dos and Dont’s when using the platform. These include:

  • Search a Relative

    Do you miss a relative whose contacts you no longer have or are lost? FastPeopleFinder allows you to search family members, their contacts, and addresses quickly and easily.

  • Search a Person’s Address

    FastPeopleFinder lets you search for a person’s address using only their phone number or name.

  • Verify New Numbers

    Thanks to its vast database, FastPeopleFinder allows you to find details about new unknown numbers that call you.

  • Investigate Neighbors

    Are you contemplating moving to a different house? Checking out if your neighborhood is safe is important. With FastPeopleFinder, you can search the location you are considering to find people who live there.

  • Identify Your Roommate

    In case you move into a college residence or a hostel and you have concerns about your roommates, FastPeopleFinder can help you learn more about your roommates. Knowing enough about them in advance may just be what you need to create a nice relationship with them.

  • Validate Sellers and Buyers

    Verifying a seller or buyer using publicly available data is a nice way of protecting your transactions. With FastPeopleFinder, you can leverage more information to verify prospective sellers or buyers using comprehensive professional profiles.

  • Search Public Records

    FastPeopleFinder database integrates various public record databases to provide you with accurate and reliable information about your target.

  • Search a Lost Friend

    Do you have that one friend you liked back in the day and do not know where they are? FastPeopleFinder will help you track your long-lost friend down to where they live.

  • Search Yourself

    Are you interested in knowing what public information is available about you? FastPeopleFinder will help you search all the details shared about you online.

  • Research Online Friend

    If you doubt some information your online friend shared about themselves, you can rely on FastPeopleFinder to clarify things. The platform will even let you know if your friend is a scammer, sex offender, or swindler by searching its vast database.

  • Employee Screening

    In line with the FCRA regulations, you cannot use FastPeopleFinder to screen potential employees. This applies regardless of whether it is for employment, professional decision, retention, or promotion.

  • Hiring Domestic Workers

    FastPeopleFinder prohibits the use of the information you get on this platform to make a decision to hire household workers, babysitters, and nannies.

  • Screening Tenants

    Our platform does not endorse using the report you get from FastPeopleFinder to terminate or assign renting or leasing of property.

  • Educational Screening

    Institutions of learning cannot use FastPeopleFinder to screen candidates eligible for educational scholarships, admissions, or programs. Also, they cannot use our platform to discriminate against candidates depending on the results to either deny or accept financial grants.

  • Business Deals

    It is against the set regulations to use FastPeopleFinder to establish the benefits, services, or privileges of any organization.

  • Invade Privacy

    It is against our policy to use information you gather from FastPeopleFinder to contact someone who does not desire to communicate with you. If people wish to keep you out of their circle, respect their wishes and do not use the platform to get their new contact details.

  • Search Medical License

    As a patient, you cannot use FastPeopleFinder to screen the eligibility of a doctor to have a medical license.

  • Steal Identity

    It is against FastPeopleFinder policy to use the details you gather on our platform to steal a person’s identity. Using the platform with the intention of stealing someone’s identity is an offense.

  • Spying or Stalking

    When using FastPeopleFinder, you should be responsible and capable of honoring the personal space of other people. You can be prosecuted for using the information you get on FastPeopleFinder to spy or stalk someone.

  • Avail Insurance

    Insurance agencies cannot use the information they gather from FastPeopleFinder to establish the eligibility of an entity when issuing insurance or credit. Also, it is against the law to use such information to assess the risk of current credit obligations.

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