What Data Can You Expect from a Background Check?

  • Sexual Offenses

    You can examine the public registry of the directed person to see his sexual offenses if they exist.

  • Civil Records

    A comprehensive list of your target's civil records, including birth, marriage, and death record, is also achievable.

  • Basic Details

    Background check shows the complete name, age, date of birth, social media profiles, and residential address of the person.

  • Licenses

    Background checks are also helpful in verifying the certificates, designation numbers, and professional licenses of the target person.

  • Location History

    You can find the target person's location history, office address, current home address, and past home address.

  • Dating History

    The detailed smart background check report will also inform about the person's dating history and registration on dating websites.

Why People Choose FastPeopleFinder?

Accurate Background Tool

As hiring and other verifications are based on the background report, FastPeopleFinder gives accurate, clear, and complete reports.

Customer Service

The background search tool also provides complete support by live chat, email, and phone with helpful agents.

Short Turnaround Time

FastPeopleFinder provides reports in a short time. Therefore, it is suitable for people who work with tight deadlines.

Huge Database and Excellent Service

FastPeopleFinder has a large database containing billions of background records of people. Moreover, this service is pure from any marketing agenda.

No Data Tracking

This background check online service safeguards users' privacy. No information of the target person and the user is saved or revealed.

Advanced Filter and Update Choice

FastPeopleFinder provides the advanced filter option to access the profile instantly and intimates the user in case of an information update.

How to Do a Background Check on FastPeopleFinder?

Background checks on people will keep you vigilant and safe from making wrong decisions and messing up. The following steps will teach you how to carry a background check with the help of FastPeopleFinder:

  • Step 1: Select the “Background Check”

    The first step of the process requires you to head over to the official website of FastPeopleFinder. Choose the "Background Check" option from the available services.

  • Step 2: Provide the Target Information

    Now, give the "First Name," and the "Last Name" of the target person, and the lookup application will start searching the results.

  • Step 3: Get the Background Report

    After a few moments, FastPeopleFinder will display the search results. Click on your target's profile and collect his personal and criminal information.

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More Ways to Do Background Checks

  • TruthFinder

    TruthFinder consists of a dark web scan feature that informs the user that his personal information is being misused or turned up in the internet's shadiest parts. Moreover, the application has the family tree builder, by which you can find your lost family members. The full background check helps in knowing the felonies and criminal endeavors registered in a particular person's name.

  • Intelius

    Intelius consists of more than 20 billion public records and stands as the biggest information broker in the US. You can find in-depth reports of your target people, including their criminal history, marriage records, divorce data, and violation of traffic rules. The application gathers information from municipal, state, and federal public databases.

  • Instant Checkmate

    A trendy online-based data supplier, Instant Checkmate provides detailed and correct background information of people. It is aggregated with several local, federal, and state databases. Therefore, the background report is very extensive. The application gives basic information, including name, address, professional licenses, and arrest records of people.

  • BeenVerified

    BeenVerified comes with a mobile application and has multiple payment options. This application sources data from many public databases and private sources to provide quality background information. The service is outlined by FCRA and is not eligible for conducting an employee background check and looking up tenants before making a final deal.

Legal Challenges in Conducting Background Investigations

It is necessary to inform the applicants for any job that there will be background checks. Either you should have it written in a letter, or it will have consequences. It is important to gain the employee's authorization. Moreover, there should be no discrimination while conducting an employment check on people.

It is a must to carry the check on all applicants of the available seat and doesn't discriminate against them based on their sex, religion, and race. Before you apply for a drug screening, you must check the state laws, whether they allow you to do it or not. In some locations of the world, it is prohibited to carry a drug test with some conditions, while some states don't allow that.

Moreover, if an employee has agreed to the background check, the background report might contain information that’s not addressed in your company policy. This can create a problem. Therefore, this challenge should not be overlooked before and after conducting a background investigation.

Last but not least, always choose a background check company that is FCRA compliant. This will secure you from any legal consequence of misusing the background check service.


What’s the Variance Between a Public Record and a Background Check?

Public records mostly deal with traffic tickets, vital records, lawsuits, and bankruptcies. Whereas background checks are related to criminal records, arrest records, warrant searches, and felonies.

What is the Source of Information Present in the Background Report?

The background information is recorded by law, and it is mostly available for anyone after putting in the effort. Some jurisdictions have separate web portals that allow you to find the background of people.

Should I Try a Background Check Tool or Search Myself?

If you want reliable information, you should check the available online information or local courthouses. However, if you want an extensive report with a specific budget, a background checker is worth it.

Should I Try a Self-Background Check?

Yes, it is smart to check yourself on a background check. You might find outdated or wrong information about yourself that you can get fixed.

Can I Delete my Background Check Information?

You can opt-out from various organizations, but it will always resurface. However, we are working to provide a tool that will keep your information secure.

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