About FastPeopleFinder

FastPeopleFinder is a powerful and reliable search engine that makes it easy to find vital information about a person. Our innovative people search service is free. The goal is to offer accurate details about a person using publicly available records.

We provide you access to public data in a quick, easy, and safe manner. Sometimes it can be a challenge to access public information from private organizations or government agencies. FastPeopleFinder’s vast database aggregates all public records such as marriage and divorce records, criminal history, and court records.

So, with FastPeopleFinder, you no longer have to carry out multiple searches in order to gather as much information about a person as possible. Our platform precisely packs all the known vital details about a person in a report before displaying it. The filter options make it easy to access only the relevant profiles.

Our Goals

Often people looking for this information spend a lot of effort and money on several websites that offer limited details. With FastPeopleFinder, our goal is to help you find as much information as possible about a person at no cost. FastPeopleFinder serves thousands of users across the world. Here is how we aim to realize our Goals:

Easy and Quick Information Search

Unlike other search engines, FastPeopleFinder is a unique online platform that addresses people's need to search for personal details. The platform does not disrupt you with irrelevant details, which makes it possible to obtain the precise details you are looking for with ease.

Identify a Stranger

FastPeopleFinder is a powerful and innovative tool you can use to identify people. It is ideal for verifying credentials and unknown people who contact you either through a phone call or via social media platforms.

Search Lost Acquaintances

With a Comprehensive database containing millions of contacts, FastPeopleFinder promises to help you find long-lost acquaintances online. You can search for your lost acquaintances using either their name, phone number, or address. FastPeopleFinder will provide relevant details about their whereabouts in seconds.

Why Use FastPeopleFinder?

FastPeopleFinder provides information that is 100% reliable and accurate. The intuitive user interface eases the process of searching for vital information about your target. With FastPeopleFinder, it is easier to verify identities, do background checks, and establish the current address of a person.

These are some of the reasons you should consider FastPeopleFinder over other search engines:

Credible Data Sources

At FastPeopleFinder, we ensure you get credible information. To deliver, we integrate our vast database with multiple national and international archives as well as state records. We use the same sources as private companies and government agencies.

Thus, you can rest assured the report you get from us contains credible and verified information.

Search Contacts

You can rely on FastPeopleFinder to search for lost contacts of your schoolmates, relatives, or friends. FastPeopleFinder will help you pull up contacts of your old acquaintances without paying a fee for the service.

Verify Facts

Public records do not lie. If you have doubts about someone, you can always use FastPeopleFinder to verify their details. The people search engine will help you establish the truth about a person using publicly available records.

Our platform then compiles everything for you and creates a comprehensive report on your target.

Elude Scams

With FastPeopleFinder, you get a tool that helps you avoid online scams. The platform lets you evaluate the reputation of online sellers to avoid falling prey to scammers. So, you can always establish if online merchants are reputable before parting with your money.

Compatible with Multiple Devices

FastPeopleFinder is a web-based system optimized to work on all devices from smartphones to laptops and desktops. You get to use any browser of your choice to search the huge FastPeopleFinder database.

Regardless of whether you are working in an office or traveling, FastPeopleFinder lets you do your search anytime.

Supports Privacy

At FastPeopleFinder, we ensure all your search is anonymous and private. What’s more, your target will not even notice or know you searched for their details. FastPeopleFinder not only hides your identity but also removes all your search history on its interface.

As well, you are the only one who can access your target’s report. Not even our employees know your identity or get access to the report. We understand hiding your identity is paramount as you do background checks.

Great Customer Service

Our world-class customer service is always on hand to help you if you have an issue. Customer support will help you with virtually everything from setting up your account to erasing your details from the database. Best of all, you get prompt responses to your questions or concerns.

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